Location | Burt Street, Fremantle     Site Area | 705m2     Year of Completion | 2015

We were originally engaged to add a small studio and a basement come workshop. As can happen on these special projects, this one evolved significantly to encompass new living spaces, new kitchen, rework the existing heritage spaces and a workshop big enough to build plane parts. Basically, we did a complete rethink of how the house functions in its entirety and redesigned it for a modern family’s lifestyle.


Our design goals were to initiate a better lifestyle for our clients based around family interaction and entertaining.


Two previous extensions (50’s then 80’s) had choked the habitable spaces of natural light and any visual interaction with the backyard. To rectify this we created new living spaces with skylights, light wells and a large expanses of the north facing glass. ‘The Curve’ as it became affectionately know, was a response to the unusual shape of the block but it also helped to re-orientate the spaces north and out towards the backyard. ‘The Curve’ wraps around the alfresco area embracing the entertaining space while also creating privacy from adjoining properties.


But its the kitchen becomes the real epicenter of the house and doubles as a vantage point to monitor the kids at play or check whether guests need a refill.


The polish concrete and the blacks steel details are unmistakably modern but the addition of the softness of the honed marble and the rich tones from the timber help to soften the aesthetic.  It creates a sympathetic but definite distinction from the old and new areas.



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